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इंग्रजी वर्णनात्मक नोंदी | आकारिक मूल्यमापन नोंदी pdf | English vrnnatmk nondi akarik mulyamapan nondi Pdf


खालीलप्रमाणे इंग्रजी या विषयाच्या  काही सर्वसाधारण नमुना वर्णनात्मक नोंदी दिलेल्या आहे. त्या फक्त मार्गदर्शक आहेत. शिक्षकांनी प्रत्यक्ष दैनंदिन निरीक्षणाच्या आधारे नोंदी कराव्यात.

🔰 वर्णनात्मक नोंदी :- English👇
Solves the written Activity with confience
Copy the Letters and words correctly
Read aloud from textbook
Write correctly on one line
Listen with concentration
Read the poem in rhythm
Read and act accordingly
Read the part in dialougs with understanding
Write the answer of questions
१० Take part in language game
११ Read silently by understanding
१२ Recite with enjoys poems and songs
१३ Give responses in various contexts
१४ identify commonly used words
१५ Rearrange the story events
१६ Enjoy the rhythm and understand
१७ Take the dictation of familiar words
१८ Read english daily newspaper
१९ Takes active participation in all classroom activities.
२० Reads aloud with proper pronunciation.
२१ participates in conversations.
२२ Copy the given text in four lines correctly.
२३ sings the poems with action and proper rhythem.
२४ Complete the given homework in time.
२५ Actively participates in English PARIPATH in school.
२६ Always participates in role plays and dramas.
२७ Constructs simple sentences in English.
२८ Talks about himself in English.
२९ Talks about the given subject in English confidently.
३० Listens carefully and follows the instructions.
३१ Uses simple and familier engish in day to day conversations.
३२ Likes to read simpe English stories in spare time.
३३ always willing to know meanings of new words.
३४ Vocabulary is good.
३५ Cannot pronounce complex words correctly.
३६ Needs more loud reading practice.
३७ Cannot spell complex words correctly.
३८ Cannot write properly in four lines.
३९ Vocabulary is not sufficient for his grade level, needs improvement.
४० He can’t speak on given topic.
४१ He speaks roughly in English.
४२ He uses various dangerous words.
४३ He can’t’ speak boldly.
४४ He is not eager to learn new words.
४५ He does not complete his home work.
४६ He uses Rough Language.
४७ He discourages other students.
४८ He can’t read loudly.
४९ He does not speak English.
५० He can’t express his feelings.
५१ He is so shy to speak in English.
५२ He is so shy to ask questions in English.
५३ Never try to develop hand writing.
५४ Never describes conversation in story.
५५ Never follows instructions and act.
५६ Read with wrong pronunciation.
५७ Make wrong questions.
५८ Misguide other students.
५९ Never follow the rules in writing.
६० He is so shy to ask questions in English.
६१ He can’t speak on given topic.
६२ He speaks roughly in English.
६३ He uses various dangerous words.
६४ He can’t’ speak boldly.
६५ He can’t’ speak confidently.
६६ He can’t describe simple events.
६७ He can’t takes participation in activity.
६८ He does not able to tell story.
६९ Sing rhymes in rough tone.
७० He can’t describe his imagination.
७१ He is not able to prepare cards.
७२ Never describe picture in English.
७३ Never participate in conversation.
७४ He does not use proper words while speaking.
७५ He afraid to speak in English.
७६ He can‘t express his feelings in English.
७७ He uses many Marathi words.
७८ He gives wrong answers.
७९ He is unable to participate in conversation.
८० He doesn’t respond in English.
८१ Structure of project is bad.
🔰  इंग्रजी वर्णनात्मक नोंदी  🔰

💥इयत्ता १ ली.ते ८ वी. आकारिक चाचणी क्रमांक – १💥

💥प्रथम सत्र संकलित मूल्यमापन / प्रथम सत्र परीक्षा  प्रश्नपत्रिका pdf

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